love is love… Hamburg Pride 2019

Hamburg Pride – Once again a very special experience and different than last year, maybe because it just was the first time on the CSD parade in 2018, and last year I didn’t know what to expect. This time I felt more confident to get closer to the crowd and to make contact to the people. Also I think due to my temporary tattoos stickers in rainbow color I felt more involved in the event, what appearance can do!

Anyway, I had the impression that many more people took part, and I was in time meeting a good friend, Ernst Wilhelm in the Langen Reihe in the district of St. Georg, where the demonstration started with some delay. Luckily a sunny and warm summer day and a good and boisterous mood among the participants and spectators, somehow also a lot of alcohol of course… I suspect that’s rather normal on such a day.

“basically equal – for a better constitution”

love is love

strong signals

march for a better world

Bus der Generationen


But then suddenly an incident that dulled the mood for a short time, the Queer Refugees Support truck smoked and flames blazed inside, but by the circumspection of the bystanders who came running with fire extinguishers could be prevented worse, and after the arrival of the fire department the fire was quickly cleared, the demonstration could go on.

In the swirl of the event Ernst Wilhelm and I lost each other quickly, which was to be expected, since we both apparently had a different perspective and probably saw other interesting things, but met him later again.

loud and colorful

colorful details

dragqueen… think pink

Then my memory card was getting full quickly and since I knew the other card I had with me had very little space, I went to the city center to find a photo shop, first with little success, later with the help of Ernst Wilhelm I then bought a new one. In between, I had a short break with a snack and always plenty of drinking.

Unluckily a second supposed glitch happened, panic… it seemed the Fuji did not focus properly, it confused me and I first made a few photos with my cellphone until some minutes later I came to the fact that I had mistakenly adjusted the wheel of the viewfinder so I saw everything blurred. I hate when this kind of things happen, but was happy nothing serious was with my camera.

Here are two photos taken with my cellphone, funny and very cool when people enjoy the water jet of the fire brigade as a cooling off including me.

For photography, this time I had chosen some topics… like faces, gestures, unusual perspectives, exceptional characters to give the photos more depth and to make some kind of mini-series, which did not work out all the time, but hey no matter, I had fun.

Here is a small selection of faces… in color

and in black & white

The motto of this year’s Pride Week was: Basically equal – for a better constitution (Grundsätzlich gleich – für eine bessere Verfassung). I can only support this demand…

Ernst Wilhelm with the rainbow tattoo

love who ever you want

kiss whoever the fuck you want

the pink series…

pink gang… gay men chorus

pink glasses and a smile

you are who you are

… and this year it’s the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, that day in June 1969 that changed everything for the LGBTIQ community, but unfortunately lately we face more discrimination, hate and racism in the world, so it’s good to see so many people celebrate the Christopher Street Day to show they’re not invisible 🏳️‍🌈

and it’s so important to state our solidarity and respect, we are all equal no matter who you love, which gender or sexual orientation you have… love is love

in the crowd

the big players… Google

last but not least… let’s party! Cheers!

Hope you enjoyed the read and the attached images… till next time 🙂


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