24 hour project

Last weekend I’ve joined the 24 hour project https://www.24hourproject.org/ documenting humanity with focus on women’s story. Despite documenting your city for 24 hour on this day the goal of the organization is to raise awareness about global issues and empowering NOG’s. If you want to know more visit their website. 

Every hour you shoot edit and share one image. Since I don’t live in a big city I couldn’t do the whole 24 hours, but at least I managed to shoot for 13 hours.

on the way

I was very excited and since I was heading to Hamburg by train my first images were about traveling, and for this series I decided to shoot with my phone and using a bw filter called impact and really fell into in love with it.

still traveling

When arrived in Hamburg I’ve met a good friend and as always first we go for a coffee at Coffee Balzac. 


Continuing with my subway stories… there’s always something interesting going on.

subway stories

Then we’ve attended Stadtfest Sankt Georg, kind of street festival with a lot of activities.

just music

Some bands played on two different stages, all kind of food is offered, a flea market and much more.

Here are some more images of the event.

Stadtfest Sankt Georg
life is music

So much was going on so one hour felt time was flying and I continuously had to post another photo on Instagram.

Anyway it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it, it was a cool event and I loved the atmosphere with all the diversity and all kind of people… and then too quickly it was time to go back home catching up my train for an almost 3 hour trip.

subway stories
street food
traveling home

Thanks for reading so far…untill next time.

preview… life is colorful