good vibes… Nervling live at the Charlottenhof

nothing better than combining two passions… photography and life music

Nervling is a brilliant band from Hamburg and I was fortunated to see and shoot them at a small venue in my small hometown back in July

it was such a great show, Moira Servling is really a power woman, she rocks, together with the other band members, their songs are catchy, nevertheless, the lyrics are mostly profoundly and very much taken out of life…

the images are taken with my Fuji xt-10, I have to say it’s always challenging shooting at concerts, constant changing light conditions makes it difficult to get the exposure right and everything in focus, I have to raise ISO and I’ve learned it’s better to use spot metering and manual mode to have more control over the scene

but also I love to experiment with blurs, for this I chose a low ISO and a slow shutter speed, and when I get into my artistic mood I’m creating special effects with double exposures either in camera or in post processing (like the first image above)

it was an unforgettable event with a great atmosphere, the venue was sold out!! hope to see them again next year

if you made it until here you can click on the link to see them in action… cheers!