bye bye Google+

This was my last post on Google+ yesterday, I’ve joined 6 years back and I was on this platform almost every day, loved this magic place from the beginning for its diversity and the great community of like-minded people, connected with so many, some became true friends and a few I’ve met irl. I’m grateful I had this time, learned so much from other photographers, so many inspired me and thus I’ve grown as a photographer tremendously over the years. This place was very special and unique, and it never felt like a ghost-town to me. When Google announced it will be shut down Google+ in the past October I was shocked, at least I thought it will last for many years… so yesterday it was that day that Google+ shutted the door forever and I was there to the very end with a bunch of other core users, I don’t regret any minute I was on this platform. A piece of me is missing now, I’m feeling incomplete, social networking won’t be the same without it 🖤